Backpacking through Turkey

Hi all,

I am planning a two week backpacking trip through Turkey. Can anyone help me with some travel advise for this country. I will be there mid-May.

I would just like to know some general things such as:
-What is cost of living like.
-A few not to miss sites

Looking forward to your reply.


Robert 13/02/14    Link Report

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Hi Robert,

Lucky you – it’s a great country. Mid-May is a perfect time to go.

Cost of living is pretty reasonable; some of the best food in Turkey is found at local restaurants and street stalls and many hotels offer good value accommodation. I spent 3 weeks there researching the Turkey chapter of Europe on a Budget ( which offers good advice on daily spend.

As for transport, the long distance bus network is great. Tickets for journeys between towns, involving travel times of 6 – 8 hours, are pretty cheap at about 20 – 40TL. A lot of them have TVs and offer tea and coffee too.

As for not to miss sights, it depends which part you’ll be in but there are almost too many to mention. This is a good starting point though:

Have a great trip.


Tim Chester 13/02/14    Link Report

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