Any personal recomendations on where to stay in Singapore?

I’m sorry I know this gets asked a lot!! Ive done my homework in the guides and on tripadvisor honest! I’m just looking for anyone who has had great experiences anywhere, also somewhere quite central to make it easier to get around thankyou.

Stephanie L 03/04/13    Singapore Link Report

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If you are looking for an area to stay, then I would personally recommend Chinatown, I absolutely love it there. There are a number of really good hotels to choose from depending on your taste and budget and the Maxwell road food court and Smith street hawker stalls are right there on your doorstep (amongst the best places to eat in Singapore in my opinion), Chinatown MRT is right there, and it is a pleasant place to simply explore and people watch.

If you are worried about getting round, don’t be. You don’t have to concern yourself with being central either, as the MRT and public transport system is just so good in Singapore and there is nowhere that isn’t just a short ride away. MRT stops are frequent and plentiful, and there are a huge choice of hotels all over Singapore with easy walking access to them.

Michael Huxley 03/04/13    Link Report

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  • Hi Stephanie

    I can recommend a fantastic hotel in Chinatown, The New Majestic hotel. It is small (boutique) with very quirky rooms designed by emerging Asian artists.

    Another very exciting place to stay is Little India which has a great buzz and is popular with backpackers. I can recommend Wonderlust there, it is at the higher end of the Little India options, with a great cafe attached and very well linked.

    There are lots of the 5* chain hotels in Singapore, too many to name, but I wouldn’t recommend any of them in particular as they tend to be very business focused.

    If you have a bit of money to spend, my top three pics would be:
    – The Fullerton Bay hotel – a beautiful hotel overlooking the marina. If you don’t stay here, do try their roof bar Lantern for evening cocktail.
    – Raffles – $900 a night but worth every penny! Again, opt for the brunch or afternoon tea just to experience the place
    – Capella on Sentosa – feel like you are on an island paradise just minutes from the metropolis.

    Enjoy Singas!

    Jennifer Schilling 08/04/13    Link Report

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  • Wow New Majestic looks good! Thanks Jennifer! I wish I could afford the Raffles though! :( Maybe in a few (hundred) years! lols

    Stephanie L 10/04/13    Link Report

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  • Just stay away from Hotel 81, Fragrance Hotel and those sort. those are sleeezyyyy.. :)
    almost everywhere else is fine. Chinatown has a new backpack hostel which seem to be very well liked..I think its called Adler Hostel.

    If you are interested in local food.. let me know! I can make a list for you :)

    chongng 25/04/13    Link Report

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  • I can second Jennifer on staying away from the chain brand hotels. They’re expensive, bland, boring, no personality and the service often isn’t the best. I really cannot see why anyone would want to stay in them. I also agree that Wanderlust is great and especially the New Majestic (one of the rooms has an aquarium bath!) I think boutique hotels is something that Singapore does amazingly well.

    I will add though that for me personally, the Scarlet is my favourite hotel there, it is absolutely fantastic!

    Michael Huxley 11/04/13    Link Report

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  • Brilliant Michael thanks! Chinatown is sounding good! Anyone else with any other personal recommendations or good experiences?

    Stephanie L 08/04/13    Link Report

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