Antarctica Awaits

I am planning a 3 month solo trip to South America. Rather than doing a grand tour of the continent I have decided to concentrate on 3-4 countries between Nov14-Jan15. Those include: Brazil (small part of it ;-)), Bolivia, Argentina and (fingers crossed) Antarctica.

Does anyone has recommendation regarding Antarctica cruises? I read in few blogs that it is cheaper to book it directly once in Ushuaia. However after checking with few travel agents, they tell me that most of them are already booked out and they only have few last spots available.
Can anyone also advise what is the easiest way to get 1 spot in shared room. I am travelling by myself and do not want to pay a Single Supplement. I would be quite happy to share the room (again, travel agencies are telling me that this may not be possible).
I would love to hear from people that have already visited the 7th continent.

Thanks for your help.

Urszula 10/08/14    Activity and adventureArgentina Link Report

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Hi Urszula,

Sounds like you’re planning a great holiday this winter! I am a travel agent that specializes in these types of adventurous holidays and I had the opportunity to travel to Antarctica last November with a company called One Ocean Expeditions (they are a Canadian based company) and I had a FABULOUS time :) I booked my spot on the Expedition Cruise a few months before departure, but there were other passengers on the boat with me that had booked onto the cruise only days before departure in Ushuaia. You could try this yourself, but the risk in waiting until you’re in Ushuaia is lack of availability. The early departures in November and late departures in March tend to have more last minute availability, high season departures from December to February tend to be full. But you never know, you might get lucky!

Also, most of the Expedition Cruise companies running trips to Antarctica can book you into a shared cabin with other female passengers. A single supplement is optional, it’s available if you WANT your own room, but if you’re happy to share with other female passengers, this shouldn’t be a problem with most companies. Triple share rooms are the cheapest, but you can also book twin shared rooms too. They just need to have availability for this scenario. If the last spot on the boat is a shared room with a male passenger then you’ll be out of luck.

If you have any further questions about this, please don’t hesitate to ask me! Antarctica was such an amazing adventure and I hope you’ll be able to make it there!

Laura D. 11/08/14    Link Report

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Hello Laura D.
This is great. Thanks for your help.
I will check with One Ocean Expeditions.
Best Regards. U.

Urszula 13/08/14    Link Report

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  • Unfortunately, I haven’t visited Antarctica yet because I’m a beginner traveler but going there is of my great desires. I have seen some online booking tours to Antarctica but you have to be very careful in choosing one if you want to save money. There are some promos but it has particular dates so you have to book in advance. Sharing accommodation is possible but you have to look for the right person or people.

    rosanyl 25/11/14    Link Report

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