Adventure sports like Biking, hiking, etc in Spiti during July

I am Looking for some Adventure Sports in Spiti like mountain biking, hiking, car race etc. I am a solo Traveler and I will be Travelling during July. The dates are not yet confirmed, but It will be around July. Is it the best time to visit and if there are any adventure camps or events liked up, do let me know. Thanks.

Shivee Sirmauri 19/04/13    Activity and adventureIndia Link Report

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Hi Shivee,

The most popular activity in the Spiti area is trekking, and July is an ideal time to do it – you should be in for clear skies and little chance of rain, but it won’t be warm; it’s unlikely to get above about 15°C. The hiking trails are long, difficult, and high, so you need to be physically fit, have a guide, and leave enough time to acclimatize to the altitude. Spiti Holiday Adventure (, based in Kaza, is the most reliable travel agent. Their treks range from 4 to 22 days, so you can choose what timing and difficulty level suits you most. As well as hiking trips, they also offer mountain bike tours, jeep safaris and rafting expeditions – email [email protected] for more info on their adventure tours. As far as I know, they don’t do car racing, but it’s worth asking!

You could also get in touch with Ecosphere (, who have information about trekking and wildlife, conduct eco-projects in the area, and offer various different adventure tours. Their ‘Adrenalin Inc’ tour might be right up your street! They also hire out mountain bikes, and arrange white-water rafting trips as well as both yak and horse safaris.

Hope that helps, and have a great time in the mountains. Very jealous!


Helen Abramson 23/04/13    Link Report

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