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We have three weeks December/January flying into Buenos Aires and out of Rio. Any itinerary suggestions? We’ve already booked to stay in Buenos Aires for 5 nights and then plan to go up to Iguazu Falls before crossing into Brazil, so really we need ideas for two weeks in Brazil.

Should we travel up the cost from Florianpolis, Paraty to Rio, then perhaps see Salvador, or invest in a flight past and get around a bit more?

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Well to be perfectly honest with you 3 weeks is not much time at all to see much in either of these two countries, so what you are better off doing is concentrating on two or three centers at a push, keep your itin simple, otherwise it will get too crowded and you will end up rushing through everything and not seeing anything.

You have your first week in Argentina booked already, so after that I would fly or head overland straight to Rio. You can visit the Corcovado mountain and the statue of Christ the Redeemer; Sugar Loaf mountain, and spend some time on the beach, Copacabana and Ipanema to name just two. After that just spend the last week exploring Rio itself.

There are of course a hundred other amazing sights and wonderful things to see that I am sure others may suggest, but to be a little blunt you don’t really have the time to see all of them. The key to a shortish trip like this is to minimise transit time and minimize zig zagging here there and everywhere, and maximising your time in two or perhaps three places, and considering there is MORE than enough amazing (I would say must see) things to see and do around BA and Rio, it makes sense to make those two your bases.

A final word on Rio, there have been political protests flaring up recently. It is still safe to travel there (provided you use the same basic common sense precautions you would normally), but keep an eye on the local news for any updates and avoid any gatherings or demonstrations.

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