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we are three friends, who are going to visit India for three weeks. We have flight (and start) in Mumbai. Unluckly we have just few days to plan our tour. We wanted go on the South, but a monsoons are there at the moment. So north and east rest. The date is 29.8. to 19.9. 2014.
We are interested in nature and trips than cities. On the other hand Taj Mahal or Varanasi is good to see (but maybe it is so far).
Please if you have any suggestion of places to see. We will be glad to hear something.

Three men, who are traveling with low budget.
Thank you

John 24/08/14    General travel chatIndia Link Report

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Hi John,

I recently spent some time in Kerala, but as you said, there are monsoons there at the moment so perhaps it won’t be so pleasant. On the same trip, I also went to a little city called Mysore near Bangalore – it’s a beautiful city with an impressive palace and a challenging hill to climb (or take the bus up). I’d thoroughly recommend it for a few days’ visit.

Accessible from Bangalore by train, you could also visit Hampi – as the Rough Guide says: “Rent a bicycle to explore the beautifully carved remains of medieval India’s most splendid city, set amid a dreamy landscape of banana groves and boulder hills.”

Check out these itineraries for some more ideas: http://www.roughguides.com/destinations/asia/india/itineraries/

Lottie Gross 26/08/14    Link Report

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  • Hi John,

    i agreed with you that south india is not possible to travel due to monsoon starts. you can go to the north part of India, because east india also having rain, due to that landscapes and road close issues comes. So North India is the perfect location to visit in this time, you can cover Taj Mahal, Rajasthan & Varanasi.

    You can take train from mumbai & reach on these places with overnight journey.

    Anything else you know more about North India, write me

    Sardar 29/08/14    Link Report

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