24 day Italy honeymoon itinerary-feedback please...

Hi everyone,

I’m planning my 24 day honeymoon in Italy this July :-) and I’d really appreciate some feedback

My fiance and I are into Beaches, food and small towns but we also want to visit Rome, Venice and Florence. We are considering renting a car should we? And most importantly, what do you think of this itinerary I put together:

1. Rome – 5 days
2. Siena – 4 days (trips to San Gimignano, Moteriggioni)
3. Florence – 4 days (trip to Lucca and Pisa)
4. Levanto – 3 days (trips around the riviera, including Cinque Terre)
5. Mantua – 2 days (trip to Verona)
6. Venice – 3 days
7. Bellagio – 3 days. Depart from Milan airport

My full trip plan can be viewed here: http://www.routeperfect.com/trip-planner/italy.php?id=1dedde4b

Thank you so much!

AshleyFill 22/04/13    General travel chatItaly Link Report

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It’s not a bad itinerary at all to be honest, but given that it’s your honeymoon, personally I would knock 3 places off that list, say for example Sienna, Levanto and Mantua, then add extra time in Rome, Florence and Venice (again for example) and give yourself some extra time for a) transit days (people always forget to allocate time for transport and settling into a new place) and b) well, it’s your honeymoon so …

As for the car, I wouldn’t bother personally. Just use trains or fly.

Michael Huxley 22/04/13    Link Report

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  • Hi Ashley

    I went to Italy on my honeymoon last year, too. Good choice! This was my itinerary for a 2-weeker:

    Florence – 3 days (little trip to Fiesole). Hired a car and drove to….
    Tuscany – 4/5 days near the beautiful little town of Volpaia (day trip to Siena)
    Train to Naples.
    Hired another car and drove to our rustic accommodation in the hills near Sorrento (day trip to Amalfi Coast/Mount Vesuvius/Herculaneum/boat trips etc) – week.
    Naples – 1 day

    The highlight of our trip was the stay in Tuscany, driving round little medieval towns, wine-tasting, walking, eating plenty of pasta etc. That was the most relaxing, honeymoony part of the whole trip, and in hindsight I wish we’d stayed longer. But, seeing as you have a more extensive trip planned, you can certainly tackle some of the big cities.

    One thing I will say is that the cities (Florence/Rome/Venice etc) are going to be super super hot, and extremely crowded. I adore the heat but even I found it tough going (and my pale, Irish husband was not a happy camper). So as long as you’re aware of that, and perhaps plan to do less in terms of sights and museums (factor in the queues), then you’ll be alright.

    I’ve been to Siena twice now, and I love it – so I would actually recommend keeping that on the list.

    We always hire cars wherever we go – it’s just easier. You have more freedom, away from the constraints of train timetables and often quite pricey tickets. The Italian drivers are kamikaze (particularly down south) – just to warn you… Having said all that though, Italian trains are awesome; huge, speedy and frequent. So, it depends on what type of travellers you are – you need to decide if you want to just “get there” or whether you want a DIY-type trip (if you know what I mean).

    I’ve been to Venice in the winter– it’s a better time to go, really. Less queues, more fragrant, less people. And Rome is top of my list for my next Italian trip – but we’ll definitely not be going in July. More like April or September/October. But I know you said they are the places you want to go to then go for it, but as I said, steel yourself.

    To split up the hectic cities, I’d recommend staying in more rural spots in between, if you can. For eg, if you love little medieval villages, gorgeous food and rolling countryside blanketed with vineyards, I’d recommend the Chianti area of Tuscany or the beautiful and less-visited Umbria. Just to recover a bit between the cities. After all, you might be exhausted post wedding – I know we were. So, as Michael Huxley says, maybe consider chopping off either Levanto and/or Mantua and substituting it for chill out time.

    Have a fabulous time, and good luck finalising the itinerary!


    Lucy Kane 23/04/13    Link Report

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  • Thank you Michael and Lucy for your advice :)


    AshleyFill 26/04/13    Link Report

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