2 weeks vacation

i’m planning to go for a trip for about 2 weeks. n i thought of going to spain. any suggestions where should i go n where to stay? i’m into buildings. museums, scenery, culture. TQ in advance

lilyzali 18/04/13    Where to go Link Report

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A two week holiday? It’s up to you. What’s your budget? When are you going? There are plenty of places in Europe that fit your criteria. Barcelona, Rome, Venice, Paris, Athens… literally throw a dart at a map. Narrow it down a bit and people may be able to offer you some specific advice.

Michael Huxley 18/04/13    Link Report

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  • Hi.. thanks for the prompt reply. Im thinking of Spain, but i’m worried bout the weather as some say it can be harsh at times, especially summer. i plan to go there in December or February next year .is it the right time to go there? to tell the truth, im kinda new to this vacation-outside-Malaysia thing. and this will be the first time i ever have to plan a vacation, so pardon me if i’m like all over the place :)

    lilyzali 18/04/13    Link Report

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  • No worries lilyzali, its just difficult to help with generalisations. If you like the sound of spain then you already have your answer! ;-)

    December to feb is pretty much winter time in spain, as it is across Europe, so the weather is obviously cooler. In general (and you can never really predict the weather) there is little rainfall across spain but that doesnt mean you wont get showers. In the winter months the south of spain is generally your best bet as it is warmer and often sunnier than the north, the canary islands are good too as you are still likely to get some sun. Or you could try Malaga or Barcelona? It’s a hugely cultural city with lots of things to do other than sit on a beach if the weather does turn bad.

    Although why you would leave Malaysia is beyond me! I wish i was back there now! ;-)

    Michael Huxley 18/04/13    Link Report

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  • Hi Lilyzali

    If you are going tomSpain I can highly recommend spending a little time in Andalusia, in particular Granada which is the home of the Alhambra palace. The food there is fantastic and you will also get fantastic views of the snow capped Sierra Nevada mountains (where you can also ski in Winter).
    You can drive to Ronda from there which has famously spectacular canyons and bridges and also to Seville.


    Jennifer Schilling 18/04/13    Link Report

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  • Spain is a great country and I have been many times. If you are going in winter it can get pretty cold in places like Madrid, Toledo and the Basque country to the north. The south of Spain is always warmer in places like Malaga, Seville and down along the southern coast. That being said, most of the major sites are open, no ques, prices are far cheaper, and you can get by with no reservations.

    Now for a suggestion! Portugal is right close by on the Iberian and I find Portugal a far less rushed country. The weather is warmer, especially near Lisbon and south along the coast. The food is great, wonderful wine, amazing castles and churches, as well as museums. I just finished 2 weeks in Portugal in February and the weather was fantastic most of the time. Cool mornings, warmed up during the daytime, and we had little rain. The prices in Portugal are cheaper than Spain for food, lodgings and transport. We drove for 2 weeks and that was just an amazing treat, cheap to rent a car and very easy to drive. They have great bus service and the trains which I used on previous were fine. The Portuguese people are very friendly and they enjoy life just like the people of Spain. The economy sucks in both countries right now, but people seem to just role with the punches.

    You have 2 weeks, so you don’t want to do too much and not enjoy the flavor of the cities and towns of Spain or Portugal. Take it slow, enjoy the sites, food, wine, music and the people. Nothing worst than spending your holiday on the run and need a holiday to recover.

    If you favor the possibiity of Portugal let me know and I can give you some pointers for places off the beaten path that are spectacular, cheap and sooooo relaxing!

    Time of my life 19/04/13    Link Report

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  • Wow.. Thanks all for all the tips and suggestions! these really help me in deciding where n when.

    Michael Huxley-Haha.. I know. Malaysia is still the best country for me, but i guess a little adventure won’t hurt :). Yup.. im thinking of Spain, but after reading the articles posted here…… anyway, this would be the first time i ever have to plan a holiday oversea.. so..yeah ;p

    Jennifer Schilling-Hi!..Looked it up just now and wow.. I might spend some time there Thanks! :)

    Time of my life-Hi.. Thanks for the sugestions. I might put Portugal in the list!

    lilyzali 19/04/13    Link Report

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  • You are very welcome Lilyzali, glad it helped, and congratulations on your first overseas trip! ;D Hope it’s a good one!

    Michael Huxley 20/04/13    Link Report

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  • Thank you! I hope so too :)

    lilyzali 22/04/13    Link Report

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