2 weeks in Mexico

I’m flying to Mexico City this Saturday, hurrah! Booked a hotel for two nights and although miffed to miss Day of the Dead, I am very excited I’ll get to visit the Anthropology Museum and Diego Rivera murals. Other than this, there’s a vague plan to see Maya ruins, drink more mescal than tequilla and head towards Oaxaca. If you have any ideas where I should go, stay or eat along the way, let me know. But no Yucat√°n please as I’ve already been there…

Mani Ramaswamy 30/10/13    Where to goMexico Link Report

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We had a suggestions on Twitter for your question:

hierve el agua or Apoala in Oaxaca

Lottie Gross 05/11/13    Link Report

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  • Lots to see in Mexico City so I’d allow maybe four days or so there. In addition to the anthropological museum (a must see) and Diego Rivera murals there’s the centro historico with the main plaza (zocalo) surrounded by the national cathedral, government palace (and more Rivera murals), and the ruins of the Aztec capital ransacked by Cortez (El Templo Mayor). Then there’s the day trip to the ancient city of Teotihuacan outside of town (neither Aztec nor Maya – in fact no one is really sure who first built it – probably Totanac). the Palacio de Bellas Artes waling distance from the zocalo has some very nice Rivera & Siqueiros murals. Add in Chapultepec Castle, Plaza Garibaldi (mezcal, tequila and mariachis), Xochimilco, and the Casa Azul in Coyoacan where Frida and Diego lived (also Diego Rivera museum in Coyoacan) and you’ve got at least four full days in D.F. (distrito federal – Mexico City).

    After that, given your interests, I’d go straight to Oaxaca where there are many day trips to indigenous towns, mountains and the ruins of Monte Alban (Zapotec).

    Don’t totally write off the Yucatan. Yes, a lot of the northeastern end of the Yucatan Peninsula has been “Cancuned” but there’s still some great places off the tourist trail (or off the MAIN tourist trail). Here’s a report of some of those areas http://imaginetraveldiscover.com/2014/04/18/circling-the-yucatan-peninsula/#more-557

    CascadeBob 01/05/14    Link Report

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