2 months in South America

I have never been to South America before and am looking to travel around for the full months of July and August next year, so was wondering where best to go and spend those 2 months. Not looking to relax but to see a lot!

benlewis1995 21/06/14    Where to go Link Report

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Hi Ben, there’s been a few similar questions in the community in the last few months (just search “South America” above). Brazil alone could take a couple of months to explore! http://www.roughguides.com/article/things-to-do-in-brazil/

Your budget and the climate will help you with decision making. The southern hemisphere reverses the seasons so avoid Patagonia unless you’re planning to ski. Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador are still considered less expensive destinations to visit.

My advice would be to choose a few things that you absolutely want to see (Machu Picchu? Lake Titicaca? The Pantanal? IguaƧu Falls? The Amazon?) and base your trip around these. And take your time… South America is vast! Don’t overlook the amazing cities either:




There are lots of suggested itineraries in the Rough Guide to South America on a Budget if you need more inspiration :-)

Rachel Mills 26/06/14    Link Report

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