10 day trip to Turkey

Hi folks,

We are a couple from India and are planning to visit turkey during Feb’2015. We have tentatively planned for Istanbul and Antalya. Would be glad if I can get help from fellow travelers and their experiences.

Also seeking some specific information like
1. How will be the weather during 1st half of February in Turkey?
2. Any suggestions for budget but neat and clean hotels?
3. How do we travel from 1 city to another. Are trains safe or should we take flight instead?


bohemian-86 23/07/14    Budget travelTurkey Link Report

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February is winter time, therefore expect rain on the Mediterranean Coast (Antalya) and snow / cold weather in Istanbul and northern parts of the country. You can take the fast train from Istanbul to Ankara, but other than that i do not recommend trains as it is a waste of your precious travel time. There are several inexpensive local airlines such as Onurair, Pegasus or Atlas Jet and you can find good deals on flights.

shebby 12/05/15    Link Report

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