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About me

A keen climber and traveller, my ‘life to-do list’ includes living in a foreign country, visiting at least half the states in the world and completing the seven summits. I'm currently planning my next adventure – crossing the Pacific from West to East – arriving at Chile and from there, if the money and work holds out, explore South America. You can see my portfolio et al. here:

Places I've been

United States, India, Cambodia, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Kenya, Jordan, France, Italy, Romania, Serbia, Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Antigua and Barbuda, St Kitts and Nevis, Morocco, Germany, Luxembourg, Norway, Finland, Russia, Denmark, Sweden, Iceland, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Croatia, Slovenia, Switzerland, Greece, Vatican City, Estonia, Ireland, Maldives

Places I'd like to visit

Brazil, Argentina, Fiji, Chile, Vanuatu, South Africa, Zambia, Madagascar, Belize, Mexico, Samoa, Tonga, Nepal