Patwa Haweli One of the oldest heritage haweli of Jodhpur focuses on preserving the physical artifacts & intangible attributes that are inherited from the past generation maintained in the present & bestowed for the benefits of future generation. | India

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Patwa Haweli is a privately owned old heritage haweli. It is located in the heart of the walled city with the Fort & Umaid palace in the backdrop. A narrow passage from the main city road, reminiscent of the streets of Benaras, leads to this marvel. It is very close to two famous old colonies Pungalpada & Sarafon ki pole. It is the replica of the Patwa haweli in Jaisalmer & is famous for its unique traditional architecture. The haweli has ten rooms with preserved heritage architecture, carved hanging balconies, courtyards, wooden ceilings, traditional arches, doors & windows with two roof-top terraces for dining. The Haweli focuses on the theme of retaining the: • Cultural heritage It focuses on preserving the physical artefacts & intangible attributes that are inherited from the past generations maintained in the present & bestowed for the benefit of future generation. Art & Architecture Haweli with a traditional countenance having exquisitely carved stonework, with arched openings, pillars,arches,antique carved doors,windows & jaali patterns . The chowk & other elements are used for the perfect architectural response to the state’s diverse culture & climate. One of the oldest hawelis of rajasthan stands in a narrow lane that leads to a broad welcoming courtyard which defines the perfect spatial organisations of those times, courtyard being in the heart of the haweli also serves as a micro climate modifier & also adds intangible effects to the spaces. The haweli has : • Rajasthani paintings embellished on the walls, • Beautiful arches & carved brackets defining entrances, Antique doors with elaborate carved panels , • Arched windows letting in the glimpse of blue city , • Jaali patterns allowing the light & even managing the extremities of temperature/weather, • Coloured glass ventilators forming dynamic colour patterns, • Box wooden ceilings for storage & various hidden storage spaces enriches the haweli from inside.. Facilities • Traditional Marwari cuisine Rajasthani cuisine is a splendid array of colorful, spicy and unique dishes. From Rajasthani curries to desserts to traditional Thali, there is ample variety available for the adventurous travellers, willing to experiment gastronomically. The sumptuous food is sure to leave one craving for more. • Antique Heritage Suites It has ten rooms all with different traditional themes along with modern amenities decorated with antique brass metals artefacts, handmade bird hangings, clay lamps etc. Based on various Rajasthani cultural themes, the suites have been preserved naturally using hand dyed fabrics, antique artifacts, traditional sittings spaces all done keeping the uniqueness of the haweli alive forever. Cultural Events • Rajasthani thaatt batt- folk songs & dance Experience the vibrant ethnic beat of rajasthani folk instruments(sarangi,drums,flute).Rajasthani folk instruments ranges from the soft tinklers to thunderous kettledrums; from simple, slender flutes to intriguing trumpets; and from the rustic looking resonators for basic rhythm to elegant and fully developed bowing or plucking devices. It is a fascinating sight to see the folk musicians of Rajasthan with their musical instruments, who besides dressing themselves in colourful attire, also decorate and embellish their instruments with beautiful trappings and ornamental coverings. • Puppet Show Highlighting the beauty of rajasthani customs.... Puppetry is a form of theatre or performance that involves the manipulation of puppets. It is very ancient & takes many forms but they all share the process of animating inanimate performing objects. Puppets directly emboss the traditional culture of Rajasthan. • Antique brass metal Museum Explore more with antique brass artifacts Facilities 1. Hot water 2. Wi-Fi 3. Complimentary breakfast. 4. Pick up & drop Facility from airport, bus stand, railway station. 5. Roof top Restaurants. Great & soulful ambience with folk music from local artists. 6. Private Dinning Experience a soulful private dining in the heart of blue city with a panoramic fort view. Roof top private dinning in the heart of blue city with a panoramic fort view. 7. Panoramic fort view 8. Antique Cultural Theme Based heritage suites with attached bathrooms & other modern amenities 9. City tour available

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