Edward Aves Senior editor, Rough Guides | London

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About me

As well as being an in-house editor, Ed has contributed to numerous Rough Guides over the years, including India, Sri Lanka, Laos, Camping in Britain and the Make the Most titles.

Places I've been

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Sri Lanka, India, Belarus, Hong Kong, South Africa, Laos, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Poland, Ukraine, France, Spain, Portugal, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Switzerland, Italy, Vatican City, Morocco, Malta, Croatia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Greece, Turkey, United States, Lebanon, Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, Japan, Hong Kong, Egypt, Tunisia, Lesotho, Libya, Bolivia, Macedonia (FYROM), Albania, Kosovo, Macau, Ethiopia

Places I'd like to visit

Cuba, Austin, Detroit, Burma, Cambodia, Russia, Canada, Georgia, California