clobojo pom in paradise.... for now! | Queensland

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About me

26 years young, photography lover, sipping redbull's & eating oreo's galore! Travelling the world as cheap as possible like everybody else, mostly Hangover-style... when too much cheap alcohol has taken effect. Remember that the sun always shines after the rain.....

Places I've been

35340 Lanzarote, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Egypt, Las Vegas, Santa Monica, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Grand Canyon Village, Malibu, Big Sur, Dublin, London, Yosemite Valley, Santa Barbara, San Diego, Monterey, 07181 Magaluf, France, Blackpool, Tunis, Kerkira, Kavos, Brisbane QLD, Mission Beach QLD 4852, Whitsunday Island QLD 4802, Sydney NSW, Charleville QLD 4470, Roma QLD 4455, California

Places I'd like to visit

Canada, China, Bangkok, Chiang Mai, South Africa, Mexico, New York, Iceland, Perth WA, Milan, Paris, India, Fiji, Bali